"I hate them, Dad. Rudy is a moron and Diane smells."
―Dave to his father, Ray Peterson, about going to his cousins' house.
Dave Peterson
Dave Peterson is the son of Ray and Carol Peterson, and was played by Cory Danziger.


Dave has informed his father, Ray, and their neighbor, Art Weingartner. about a week ago, he used a telescope up on the roof as he sees The Klopeks, who are three nocturnal feeders and graverdiggers, which means digging those poor helpless victims (Knapps) they ate in the backyard that night, as told by Ricky Butler.

Now, Dave came to visit to Ricky in his own house as they and other neighbors see one of the Klopeks, which is Hans, who came out of their own house. Now they watched Ray and Art go see the Klopeks house as they try to knock on the door, when suddenly, there were bees as they try to sting Art & Ray, who both run to Lt. Mark and Bonnie, at their own residence in the hurry, as they hose the water on Ray and Art, in order to make the bees go away... and suceeded. Ricky was laughing, but Dave isn't.

One day, while Ray, Carol, Mark and Bonnie are welcomed to the Knapps in their house, Dave and Ricky watching Art go snooping around in the backyard.

The next day, Carol, Dave and their dog, Vince, are going to the house with Evelyn, Rudy & Diane, which Dave isn't going to be happy, while Ray and Art will play golf, but instead, after they're going, Ray and Art will get to the bottom of the mystery.